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We specialise in the design, manufacture, erection and construction of:

  • All grades Steel Plates, steel sections, steel tubing, re-inforcing steel and much more.

  • Capture the attention of your target market audience with a billboard.

  • Cost effective building to specification of warehouses to suit your every requirement.

Steel Cape Town

SA Structural Steel cape town is the market leader where quality and workmanship is key. With more than 20 years experience in the steel industry and being steel suppliers, our reputation precedes us and our work ethic is renowned.

We are committed to outstanding workmanship, professional advice and service excellence. We are a proudly South African company with countless satisfied customers across Africa attesting to that.

Our services include the design, manufacture and erection of steel structures, steel suppliers Cape Town and steel related products for example steel gates, steel palisade fencing and steel balustrades to name but a few with a fully equipped service centre to suit your every requirement.

Our clients are advised and included in our projects from beginning to end with continuous communication and reporting, thereby ensuring service excellence levels making sure the end product is always to specification.

Let us fulfil your steel-related needs from mild steel to stainless steel.

  • Steel Fabrication

    Steel fabrication is the building of metal structures by means of cutting, bending and assembling processes. Fabrication comprises various metalworking specialities. Steel fabrication is a value added process that involves the construction of structures from various raw materials.

    These are based on engineering drawings which include precise measurements which then move to the fabrication stage and finally to the erection of the final project.

    Structural steel differs for example from concrete in its attributed compressive and tensile strength.In steel fabrication, having high strength, stiffness, toughness and ductile properties, structural steel is one of the mostly commonly used materials in commercial and industrial building construction.

    Structural steel can be developed into nearly any shape which are bolted or welded together in construction.

  • Steel Structures

    Structural steel is steel construction material, it is a profile formed with specific shapes or cross sections and specific standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties.

    Structural steel shape, size, strength, composition etc is regulated in most industrialised countries. For example, structural steel sections such as I-beams have high second moments of area, this allows them to be very stiff in respect to their cross sectional area.

    In most of the developed countries, the shapes available for steel structures are set out in published standards as well as a number of specialist and proprietary cross sections are also available for the erection of specific steel structures.

Let us fulfil your

steel-related needs

Our clients are advised and included in our projects from beginning to end with continuous communication and reporting.

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  • Trustworthy

    We aim to build trust through honest business transactions

  • Responsible

    We are committed to being environmentally conscious.

  • Quality

    We aim to consistently provide the best quality construction and fabrication.

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